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Dr. med. Samia Little Elk

Dr. Little Elk is a specialist in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy (behavioural therapy). She has also acquired the additional qualification for somnology and is the founder and director of Sleep Centre Berlin and the integrated psychotherapeutic centre.

Her most important concern is patient care. However, she also always strives to share knowledge with interested parties. She equally enjoys her work as a lecturer (for professional and public audiences) and as a media physician in print media, radio and television.

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Please meet our assitant team

Toni Assistentin Schlafpraxis Berlin

Toni - Assistant

Toni studies medicine. She is our assistant at the sleep lab as well as in our patient’s service.

Finn Schlafpraxis Berlin Assistent

Finn - Assistant

Finn studies medicine. He is our assistant at the sleep lab as well as in our patient’s service.

Katharina Mathies - Chief Assistant

Mrs Mathies is an assistant to Doctor Little Elk and her team. She also has a very calm and friendly nature and just knows how to share good energy. She supports Gabi Tischinger in her work.

Niklas - Sleep Laboratory Assistant

Niklas is our rooster in the practice basket and ensures that everyone in the sleep laboratory always remains in a good mood. As a paramedic, he adds medical expertise as well as a sovereign mind to the team. Above all, he is always empathetic, respectful and courteous when dealing with our patients.


Melanie - Sleep Laboratory Assistant

Mrs Juchem adds her extensive professional experience in the field of psychosomatics and as a helper and enriches our sleep laboratory with her expertise, her patience and not least her cheerful mind.

Muffin - therapy dog

Muffin lives with Dr Little Elk, who raised her. She occasionally accompanies the doctor in the practice. Therapeutic sessions with her, however, usually take place outdoors in nature. Muffin is highly empathic and has helped many people as well as dogs with their fears.


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Sleep medicine

Sleep disorders can be examined and treated.
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A humane team consisting of physicians, psychotherapists and assistants will be happy to take care of you.


A medical area specializing in body and soul.
Dr Samia Little Elk - Sleep Medicine


Dr. Samia Little Elk is engaged in media to convey valuable and interesting medical knowledge to the general public in an easy and understandable way.
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The soul can learn to get well and stay healthy.
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Here is how you can reach us to make appointments or clarify questions and how to find us.
dog assisted therapy

Muffin - therapy dog

Muffin lives with Dr. Little Elk and occasionally supports the practice work as a therapy dog. For more information, just click on the picture 🙂

Schlafpraxis Berlin

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Psychosomatics & psychotherapy

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