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The term psychosomatics is made up of the words ‘psyché’ (soul, breath) and ‘”soma’, the body.
In antiquity, people already recognized the far-reaching interactions between ‘body and soul’.

The focus of this still very young field of study lies primarily in the examination and differential diagnostic clarification of mental and physical symptoms as well as the elaboration of psychosomatic correlations and a psychotherapeutic intervention.

Psychosomatics is therefore concerned with clinical pictures that manifest themselves with both physical and psychological symptoms that interact with each other. These include psycho-autonomous symptoms, such as hot flashes, palpitations/skipped heartbeat, gastrointestinal diseases, pain syndromes of all kinds (migraine, fibromyalgia, etc.), skin changes and neurological symptoms (dizziness, visual disturbances, tingling sensations, etc.), daytime sleepiness, physical and mental fatigue and sleep disorders.


We are a private practice, meaning public health insurances to not cover the costs for a treatment by our doctors and therapists.


Dr. Little Elk is a specialist in psychosomatic medicine and behavioural therapist. She will gladly speak to you about your complaints in an office consultation and discuss the best recourse for further diagnostics or treatment with you.

You can rest assured that she takes your worries and complaints seriously, takes time for you (initial consultations usually last 50 min.) and explores an individual solution together with you.

Often psychosomatic problems are shameful. After all, who really likes to talk about their fears or digestive problems?

With a psychosomatic specialist, however, you are at the right place with such complaints and concerns. You should not be afraid to discuss it openly with your doctor, because she knows how much they can affect your quality of life.

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