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Media Physician

Her most important concern is patient care. However, Samia Little Elk also finds great pleasure in sharing (medical) knowledge with those interested. She equally enjoys her work as a lecturer (for professional and public audiences) and as a media physician in print media, radio and television.

Together with music producer Ivonne Dekarski she founded their own label: SAMIVOmedia.

Also both ladies created Ulk, the little star boy, who is an integral part of the ULK VAN BULK children’s media project. As a voice actress, Samia Little Elk plays and voices the little alien boy from Ulkania by star 251.

In autumn 2015, she released her book: Psychotherapy – My first time. In it, she discusses important and, above all, emotional topics related to interaction and work with patients in an authentic and humorous way for career starters in therapeutic functions as well as coaches and consultants. She talks about typical experiences from everyday therapeutic life and how to deal with it.

In radio broadcasts, such as ‘The Expert Panel’ on Radio Berlin 88.8 or the ‘Radio Fritz Morning Show’, Samia Little Elk repeatedly answers medical questions (by listeners), in particular around the topic of sleep and psyche, as well as general medical questions.

Also in talk shows, such as the program ‘Scobel’ on 3Sat, or in documentary films or contributions from the broadcasters Sat1, RBB, RTL, ZDF, the doctor repeatedly mediates medical knowledge and presents it in a fresh and fun way for interested amateur audiences.

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